Sustainable health

20 Jun

I would like to launch a new concept: sustainable health. Sustainable health is: – Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, which the individual can continue (ie behavioral sustainability) – Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, that do not overload the environment at the same time (ie environmental sustainability) – Healthy changes in the […]

Dieting is a part of the problem

11 May

Dieting is a part of the problem of obesity and not a part of the solution. This is how it goes: 1. Something makes you fat 2. Being fat makes you go on a diet 3. Dieting fucks up your natural body weight regulation 4. You gain even more weight 5. You go on an […]

The stress eating response

5 May

Eating is probably the most widespread method to reduce stress in the modern world. Eating to reduce stress can be done both with and without awareness. Most frequently it is done automatically in the modern world environment with easy access to both stress factors and delicious food. The stress eating response is natural. Stress increases […]

Weight loss and happiness

29 Apr

Myth: Weight loss makes you happy. Reality: Joy and happiness makes you lose weight – or stop wanting to lose weight. Let’s get happy – NOW! 🙂 More health myth busting on my Facebook page.

Breathing meditation

7 Apr

Breathing meditation is the foundation of all mindfulness practices, including mindful eating. Breathing meditation is probably the most simple meditation in the world. But this doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In breathing meditation you simply focus your awareness on your breathing. And because the breath in itself is quite boring to observe this makes it […]