About me

My name is Per Brændgaard. ‘æ’ is a special Danish letter. It’s like a combination of ‘a’ and ‘e’.

I work as an independent nutrition counselor, teacher and speaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am currently working in my first English book – about mindful eating. I am writing the book with psychologist and mindfulness teacher Uffe Damborg.

I graduated with a MSc. in Human Nutrition from University of Copenhagen in 1999.

I offer counseling in English about:

  • Nutrition Communication
  • Nutrition and dietary advice based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations
  • Obesity, overeating and weight loss
  • Mindful eating
  • Small steps for dietary change and weight loss

My clients include individuals, private companies and public authorities.

I was born 1971 in Silkeborg, Denmark.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you think I can help you with something.

E-mail: pb@perbraendgaard.dk

Phone: +45 26 25 20 10

Slow mail: P. Brændgaard, Willemoesgade 31, 4. th., DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark – show map

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