I have started dance walking…

Inspired by a video on youtube with Ben Aaron about dance walking I started experiencing with this crazy kind of exercise myself. And I must say: It’s really fun! It’s a great way to combine walking for transportation with pleasureful dancing. It can also be used to increase the intensity of the physical activity and to use a much larger amount of muscles than regular walking.

I am still a beginner but succesful dance walking seems to require at least these elements:

  • An open mind that doesn’t mind being perceived as strange and laughable.
  • A playlist on the iPhone or whatever you are using that includes inspiring music with energy and a relatively fast rhythm.
  • Start with very slow walking and increase the pace gradually as the music allows. It’s difficult to shift from regular walking to dance walking, but easier to shift from slow walking.
  • Preparedness to move the whole body intuitively and variably to the beat.

The track that made me start dance walking was I Feel Loved by Depeche Mode. Maybe it will work for you too. The energy and speed is great. At least in my ears. 🙂

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