The secrets about The Secret

The secrets about The Secret

The Secret or The Law of Attraction is a popular new age believe that thoughts can change the world directly. It became popular from a documentary movie and a following book by Rhonda Byrne. During the years I’ve met a lot of people that based their lives on this “secret”. Mostly women. This is what I have learned.

The real secrets about The Secret

Secret #1: It creates bad karma

The Secret is basically a modern kind of abuse of the buddhist principle of karma. The Secret teaches that material desire is a good thing whereas buddhism actually teaches that this desire is a root cause of existential suffering. Just based on my personal live experiences I think there is some truth to the concept of thoughts, ideas and intentions create manifestations in the physical world. But this is actually something to be handled very consciously because this craving is the main cause for human suffering. Especially now in the modern world. And from a Buddhist perspective craving more material things and money actually creates bad karma that will backfire on you in this life or your next rebirth.

Secret #2: It makes you passive

Thoughts don’t actually become things in the way The Secret teaches. It mostly creates a dream world where you sit and think instead of going out and doing something real. The real secret is that thoughts and intentions become actions which change the physical world. I have personally experienced women who never get any succes in life because they base their life on The Secret bullshit with thinking instead of action. Wake up and do something! That is my recommendation for real power women.

Secret #3: It prevents political protests

The Secret believers who want world peace and social political change sit and visualise the perfect world instead of opening their mouths and taking the rightful indignation to the streets. This is a perfect way for the powers that be to eliminate protests before they begin. Believers of The Secret actually think that it will make things worse if they engage in real political work because “thoughts become things”. The Secret is The Perfect Bullshit Storm for those that want to continue with all the unjustices, frauds and wars. If I was a conspiracy theorist I could argue that The Secret was actually invented by capitalist war mongers so that they can go on with their dirty business.

The secrets about The Secret


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