Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

What to call it instead of tantra?

Tantra is a misused concept in the West. I suggest that we simple stop using the word ‘tantra’. Here are my alternatives.

If you refer to the true tantra please call it tantric hinduism or tantric buddhism. And know that it has nothing or very little to do with sexuality. In my experience only about 0,001 % of those that think of themselves as tantric are true tantric yogis.

Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

If you by tantra mean mindful sex then please just call it that: mindful sex. There is nothing wrong with sex. There is nothing wrong with mindfulness. It is actually a really nice combination and it does not include misuse of terms. Mindful sex includes energy sex.

If you by tantra mean mindfulness of sensuality in a broader sense then why not just call it that? Mindful sensuality or mindful sensing. Mindful eating is included in that category and it is a general mindfulness practice to come to our senses.

Being mindful means to be aware in a nonjudgmental way. Right mindfulness is when your awareness is combined with loving-kindnesss. Mindfulness is ethical and healthy. It is not just to live in the moment like an animal.

In conclusion: I suggest that ‘mindfulness’ replace ‘tantra’ in the way that we seem to want to use ‘tantra’ in the modern culture.

Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

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