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9/11: The day the laws of physics did not apply


On 9/11 two planes crashed into two scyscrabers in World Trade Center in New York and made three (3) scyscrabers collapse. The third building (Building 7) was not hit by any plane and collapsed several hours after the plane crashes.

Video recordings of show a collapse of Building 7 that looks exactly like a controlled demolition.

According to the report from the official investigation Building 7 collapsed due to office fires. They did not look for explosives or other evidence of controlled demolition. The following is from the official report from NIST:


Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth point out that when a building collapses in free fall speed the most probable cause is the use of explosives. Any other cause is highly unlikely. Simply due to the laws of physics.

The most likely reason behind the choice to not look for evidence of controlled demolition is that someone in a position of high power did not want that evidence to be known. This would question the official narrative and make it necessary to look for more criminals before going to war with Afghanistan.

9/11 is the biggest crime in modern history and the criminals are still out there. Where to look for suspects? Try Cheney, Bush, CIA and Mossad.

If you don’t believe they would lie to the public to start a war look into the case of Weapons of Mass Destruction before the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Denmark played (and still plays, now in Syria) a central role because by going along with the American-Israeli war machine we have morally legitimized the wars due to our image as a very humane and ethical country. “If Denmark thinks it’s a good war, then it definitely is a good war”.

We need more investigations and political action now based on the available evidence. We must stop supporting America’s wars unless they have very good evidence that war is absolutely necessary for self defense. And the media and journalists have to be much more critical and ask the tough questions in stead of just going along with the war propaganda. Start now with Syria. And then go back in time. All the way back to 9/11. All the way back to the Vietnam War. We need to be much more critical about the United States of America! Maybe they are not like the Hollywood movies that have brainwashed your mind.

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