Why I Love Depeche Mode

Why I Love Depeche Mode

When I was a teenager my father once asked me: “Why do you listen to that crap?”

I was listening to Depeche Mode on repeat. I think it was around the Some Great Reward era.

My answer to him was: “Because they make songs that are not about love.”

Depecehe Mode has actually always been very political in their lyrics. Especially so on their latest album, Spirit.

While you wait for the revolution yoy may find inspiration in these lyrics from that album:

Going Backwards: “We’re going backwards / Armed with new technology / Going backwards / To a caveman mentality”

Where’s the Revolution: “You’ve been pissed on / For too long / Your rights abused / Your views refused / They manipulate and threaten / With terror as a weapon / Scare you till you’re stupefied / Wear you down until you’re on their side”

The Worst Crime: “Blame misinformation / Misguided leaders / Apathetic hesitation / Uneducated readers / For whatever reason / We now find ourselves in this / We are all charged with treason / There is no one left to hiss”

Poorman: “Corporations get the breaks / Keeping almost everything they make / Tell us just how long it’s going to take / For it to trickle down / When will it trickle down?”

Fail: “People / Do we call this trying? / We’re hopeless / Forget the denying / Our souls are corrupt / Our minds are messed up / Our consciences bankrupt / Oh, we’re fucked”

Other favorites — that I even play in Burnfarm versions — include Strangelove and But Not Tonight which also remind me of my longing for freedom as a teenager. Luckily I have never grown out of that.

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