The Corona War: Wake Up and Fight For Freedom!

I have been following the corona situation from the very beginning and today I feel sure: This is war!

It is not about health. It is weaponized health!

It is not about compassion. It is weaponized compassion!

It is not about biosecurity. It is just an excuse to fight a war on our freedom!

This is the first world war in which most of the soldiers on both sides are not aware that this is actually war – a very modern kind of war. It is mainly an information (propaganda) and psychological war. The battle ground is the narratives about corona. The narratives are the super power behind the fear based politics.

The freedom fight is a battle of the evidence and arguments behind the narratives – including revealing the big money and political interests that control the soldiers on autopilot.

Dear soldier

Dear soldier, please wake up and choose to fight for freedom for the people. That includes you that are working for the police or some other authority. This is not the job you signed up for! You are being manipulated by the narratives fed to you by the talking heads on your TV screen. Go home and spend the day in bed instead!

“Stop watching the news
Because the news contrives to frighten you
To make you feel small and alone
To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own”

Dear people

And the rest of us. The ordinary people. Wake up and fight for your freedom! But do it in peaceful ways. Use your brain as a weapon. Think before you talk or write. Don’t let yourself be fooled by crazy conspiracy theories. Many of them a planted to make you get lost on your path to truth and freedom. They too are weaponized!

Our enemy is hidden from plain sight. It is not even our politicians. Most of them are victims just as we are. Our real enemy is a super rich elite which is actually just a small group of men. My intuition and spiritual guide tells me that they are psychopaths/satanists – depending on whether I choose a psychological or a spiritual approach.

In any case the antidote is true love and compassion – including love and hugs to our enemies! They only know what to do if you try to hit them with fists, knives or bullets. Therefore hug them instead so that they may feel that they too a human and connected to you and all of us – and their war for more control is absurd. Maybe they would then start sharing their wealth instead of always trying to become even more rich and powerful. Maybe they will stop their crazy trip. Maybe I am naive!

And my most important advice to you, the ordinary freedom loving person: Allow yourself to be protected by the spirit of Jesus (Yeshua) and let the holy spirit power your brain in this holy world war for freedom.


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