Coming up: false flag corona terror

Look out for a new kind of false flag terror attacks in the near future. They will be blamed on ‘right-wing corona terrorists’.

In reality they are manufactured by someone else in order to frame anyone who disagrees with the ruling corona narrative as potential, dangerous terrorists. The groundwork for this was done with the 9/11 deep event. This was the father of modern false flag terrorism where someone performs a terrorist attack and blames someone else in order to generate hate towards the falsely blamed terrorist group. And my guess is that in the too near future the focus will shift from islamic terrorism to corona or CoVid-19 terror.

This guess is based on the document CTED Trends Alert from July 2020 titled Member States Concerned By the Growing and Increasingly Transnational Threat of Extremt Right-wing Terrorism.

CTED is the United States Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate.

Read the complete document on (pdf).

The trends alert is this:

Member States and researchers have warned that extreme right-wing terrorists are using COVID-19-related conspiracy theories and disinformation to radicalize, recruit and fundraise, as well as seeking to inspire plots and attacks.

I consider this as a warm-up for the power system to be prepared for this new kind of terrorism. I don’t believe for a second that corona truth seekers will use physical violence and terror. It is much more likely that hardcore intelligence services will conduct state sponsored terrorist attacks, blame the corona truth seekers and peaceful freedom fighters in order to increase the public hate towards anyone who does not believe the ruling narratives about corona.

The strategy of false flag terror was put into use by zionist criminals when they established the state of Israel in Palestine after World War 2. You can for instance take a look at the King David Hotel bombing. The evidence also suggests that it was zionists who did 9/11 in order to make the US, Denmark and other countries go to war against the enemies of Israel.

The strategy camouflaged as a warning is also communicated in a note from the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator to Delegations titled Terrorism in Times of Corona: The development of the terrorist threat as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Read that document on

False flag terror attacks can be done in several ways. One way is to use agent provocateurs to infiltrate activist groups and internally promote the use of physical violence. The provocateurs working for state intelligence services might even do the attacks themselves and get jailed for it in order to achieve the political goal. They might also setup someone else to do the dirty work – or to just make it seem like they are doing dirty work – as a patsy. Or it may all be fake with crisis actors. The operational possibilites are many – and they really do not care about killing innocent people. They just want to make it easy to cover up the mess afterwards. And they learned from 9/11 that mothers and wifes of innocent victims of a strange terror event is a chronic pain in the ass when they insist on learning the truth about who really killed their loved ones!

If you do not think this has already happened on several occations – just not yet by a ‘corona terrorist’ – you are simply ignorant and in urgent need of a basic course in modern politics, propaganda and psychological warfare. A good place to start is to study the work of propaganda professor Piers Robinson from The Organization for Propaganda Studies and the cases of 9/11 and the 2003 invasion of Iraq based on false intelligence of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and that they were harboring Al Qaeda terrorists. Then you may also dive into the whole history of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and the connection to CIA.

The world is not as it appears on your TV screen!

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