I am not convinced that Dmitriy Stuzhuk died from CoVid-19

Did Dmitriy Stuzhuk really die from CoVid-19?

The news story COVID-DENIER DIES: Influencer, 33, who ‘thought Covid didn’t exist’ dies after catching the virus from Ukraine is going viral all around the world now. But I am not convinced that he died from CoVid-19. This is why.

  1. The only source of information is Instagram posts by Dmitriy Stuzhuk and his ex-wife Sofia Stuzhuk. No medical doctor has diagnosed the cause of death as the new coronavirus. The news is out and viral before any autopsy report is published. In my experience ex-wifes are not the most credible source of medical information.
  2. According to his ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, it seems like Dmitriy Stuzhuk had a pre-existing heart disease. She is quoted for saying: “Dima (Dmitriy) had problems with his cardiovascular system… His heart is not coping…” This may very well have been the true cause of death. The infection could then have been a trigger for a rare heart condition – or whatever made the PCR test show a positive result could also be a consequence and not a cause of the disease and death. This is a rather complicated matter that should not be left to ex-wives to decide, even though with a lot of followers on Instagram. Steroid use should also be taken into consideration as a co-factor since Dmitriy Stuzhuk is a very muscular fitness man.
  3. Dmitriy Stuzhuk doesn’t look sick at all on the photo where he is posing with the oxygen mask. I get the sense that this is a PsyOp (Psychological Operation) aimed as the health conscious corona sceptics. Is he really dead? Or has he been taken to somewhere else for a complete makeover and a new life – with a lot of money? Did he (and maybe also his influencer wife) get an offer he/they could not refuse? Since they are living as influencers on social media they are used to getting offers about promoting products, brands and causes. So why not help the fascist corona cause by first posting as a corona deniar and then ending up dead from the very same virus. It is hard to think of a better PsyOp than that. Let’s see pictures of him dead. Let’s see the coroner report. Let’s hear what his doctor has so say about his cause of death and disease history. Let’s see if Sofia Stuzhuk a few months from now gets a secret boyfriend that looks a lot like a less fit (but a lot more rich) version Dmitriy Stuzhuk. Let’s remember: Death is the ultimate PR stunt! And maybe he can now get as many followers as his more popular ex-wife. He “only” has 1 million while she has 5 million followers on Instagram. It would not be a surprise to me that someone would be stupid enough to fake his own death just to increase the number of Instagram followers – and get a shit load of dirty money as a bonus.
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