The Corona War: Using the System against the System

We can and should be better at fighting the enemy with the system that they think they control.

The enemy of the people in the current corona war is placed in central command of the societal system. This does however not place them above the law or above the economic realities.

The enemy tries to use the law and economics to motivate us to follow their crazy, fascist rules.

But we can use the same system to reveal what is actually going on and to win the war within the law.

How to Win the War Within the Law

The enemy wants to set us up as violent criminals. Then they can arrest us and put us away in jail. Therefore it is extra important for the warriors of the people to be physically peaceful and to avoid making physical threats to anyone.

Use your arms for hugs with both your friends and your enemies. They don’t know what to do if you insist on loving them!

This means that the corona war is also a spiritual war with love on our side. That is the true love as revealed by Jesus and Buddha which includes the difficult task of loving your enemies simply because they are humans too. Pray for their inner lights to start outshining the darkness.

Next we have to start more lawsuits against the law breakers in the system. In Denmark we have several laws that can be used. Currently the people are using democratic means to push for an impeachment of Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark.

There is also a journalistic investigation into a probable false flag propaganda attack on peaceful protesters trying to frame the people as violent murderers that want to kill the prime minister. In reality this may be the works of an agent of the system having infiltrated a group of young, stupid men which do not represent the ways of the peaceful protesters.

The journalistic investigation is not done by the mainstream media, which are deeply in bed with the enemy, but by independent investigative journalists supported by the people.

The economic consequenses of the mainstream corona narrative and politics should also be enough to impeach the leading politicians for economic crimes against the free people and small private companies.

It should be no excuse for the suspects that the crimes are being committed all around the world. This just means that we have to coordinate our defenses between countries just like our common enemy seems to be very well coordinated in the global propaganda war with corona terror.

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