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New illustration of the Corona Crime Suspects

Based on my research into the corona crimes I have now developed this illustration.

It shows some of the prime suspects in the global corona crimes against humanity in my humble opinion.

It also shows the pyramid structure of the power on the scenes (the lowest 3 levels) and behind the scenes (the top 3 levels). The power and command line is top-down.

The lower you get in the pyramid the less the operating organisations, groups and individuals actually know what is going on and what agenda they are actually working for. Many in the bottom of the pyramid probably believe they are working for the good and protecting the people while they are actually being led by the psychopathic power greedy global elite working from the top in the dark.

It is very clever done – making darkness seem like light – but the strategy and the suspects are revealed now and the criminal hypothesis is now ready for deep investigation into their crimes against us, the free people of the world.

Let the criminal court trials begin against suspects at all levels. May the truth be reveiled and justice prevail.

Peer Brændgaard

Af Peer Brændgaard

Jeg er klar til at hjælpe dig med dine spørgsmål og lede dig på vej til mere sundhed.

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søndag, 31 januar 2021, 9:54 09:54

Hej Per. Tak for den fine artikel. Jeg tror der er meget sandhed i dette. Har du noget dokumentation på denne opbygning, så jeg kan blive lidt klogere?

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