Natural Corona Vaccine no.1: Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin in Natural Corona Vaccine; at least if you live in Denmark.

Vitamin D is the vitamin, which has great significance to the immune system, that most Danes get too little of. The reason for this is that we live so far up north that the sun does not shine enough in the entire winter season to properly stimulate the production of Vitamin D in your skin, even though you spend a lot of time outside.

Danes’ low vitamin D levels are also due to the fact that we eat too little of the foods that naturally have high levels of this vitamin, such as cod-liver oil, cod liver, salmon, eel, cod roe, herring and mackerel. Cod-liver oil and cod liver also contain high levels of vitamin A, so you could risk getting too much vitamin A before you have gotten enough vitamin D if you use cod-liver oil as a supplement. For this reason, cod-liver oil is not recommended as a vitamin D supplement.

To achieve optimal levels of the active vitamin D in the blood, it is necessary both to spend quite a bit of time in the sun in the summer and to supplement with a vitamin D supplement in a sufficiently high dosage for the rest of the year.

Sun on unprotected face and forearms for 15-30 minutes a day is enough to produce about the maximum daily production of vitamin D in the skin. It is precisely in the first minutes in the sun that you produce the most of this immune boosting vitamin. Therefore, you do not have to sunbathe per se to get enough vitamin D. You just need to go outside every day without being all covered up. With regards to vitamin D, it is better to spend less time in the sun without sunscreen than more time with sunscreen, and some sun every day is preferable than a lot of sun once a week.

The rest of the year, it is necessary to take vitamin D in the form of pills or capsules. You can buy vitamin D supplements at the pharmacy, health food stores, chemist’s and online. The official recommendation is about 10 µg vitamin D as a daily supplement in the winter. However, that is much too little for the optimal function of the immune system. I generally recommend 50-100 µg of vitamin D supplement daily throughout the winter season when you live far away from the Equator, and when you want to optimize your immune system to combat corona and so on. You can do this with a pill a day. Remember to take it with a meal that contains fat, as vitamin D requires fat to be dissolved and absorbed from your intestines into your body. If you eat vitamin D pills or capsules on an empty stomach, it will all go directly down the toilet.

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torsdag, 4 marts 2021, 23:21 23:21

Jeg havde foretrukket dette på dansk, men du har vel en god grund…
hvis jeg tar “perler” med d-vitamin opløst i fedt er det godt nok…