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Optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as a natural vaccine against covid-19

In a new series of articles here on PerBraendgaard.dk, I will introduce an alternative to getting medically vaccinated for covid-19. This is the first article in the series.

The alternative to vaccines with syringes is quite simply optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on the immune system. For decades scientific research has documented that healthful diet, and lifestyle in general, strengthens the immune system against viruses – including coronaviruses – in definitive and decisive ways. In times and in environments with multiple contagious and disease inducing viruses, it makes sense to take care of yourself and your loved ones through optimal nutrition. Especially if, for some reason, you cannot or do not want to take the offer of a vaccine for covid-19 from the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

I am calling the new program Natural Corona Vaccine (NCV), as the program consists of natural methods, as the program prevents serious illness as a result of infection with coronavirus, and as compliance with the program aims to influence the response of the immune system to viruses in a beneficial way, just like a vaccine produced in a medical facility also does. While the courses of action naturally are different, the intended result is the same: decreased risk of serious illness in an environment with coronavirus in circulation.

There may be several good reasons to decline a medical vaccine, and it must always rest on an individual assessment, whether you prefer the Medical Corona Vaccine (MCV) through a needle in the shoulder or the Natural Corona Vaccine (NCV) through nutrition and lifestyle. The two programs can also be combined, which also may make it easier to tolerate the medical vaccine for those, who could become ill from it otherwise.

One advantage with NCV is that the regimen increases health in general and reduces the risk of other diseases in addition to covid-19. The risk of side-effects is simultaneously lower and more manageable with NCV. In my opinion, living in accordance with the NCV should give you the same political rights as complying with the MCV, including access to stores, concerts and travel etc. A specific app can even be developed for NCV that can help monitor adherence to the program. It is well-known that in practice adhering is the biggest challenge, especially with regards to complex health programs such as NCV.

Compliance can be monitored continuously by regularly evaluating, for example every 14 days, whether you have adhered to each step in the program. Observance can be evaluated on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means that you have not adhered to it at all, and 10 means that you have adhered to it completely. The total score or adherence to the NCV program can then be calculated and evaluated over time. It is a political question whether this is for your personal use only, or if a health professional also gets access to the data, or if it should be integrated into the government approved vaccine passport and the struggle for the green dot in the “access app”.

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