Natural Corona Vaccine No. 3: Take a Zinc Supplement

Zinc, the essential mineral, can strengthen your immune system to withstand viruses if you take it as a supplement in doses quite a bit above the daily recommended intake.

In most cases, an effective and safe dose of zinc supplement is 30 mg of zinc per day. You need a supplement to get that much unless you are very fond of oysters. Incidentally, oysters are the ultimate food source for this mineral with as much as 84 mg of zinc per 100 grams. In second place is wheat germ with “only” just 18 mg of zinc per 100 grams.

There are a number of different excellent zinc supplements on the marked. Go to your local health food store and ask about zinc. You can take your zinc supplement, as you wish, also on an empty stomach. But be sure to take it every day. Create a healthy routine that ensures that you remember to take everything, that you want to take, every day.

When you take zinc as a part of a Natural Corona Vaccine, it is important that you take it in a set and regular dosage. Unfortunately, many only remember to take their supplements when they feel ill. Even though, vitamins and minerals also can be beneficial at that time, the purpose of a Natural Corona Vaccine is to prevent becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 and other diseases in the first place. Prevention requires that you do what it takes, even if you feel like you are in perfect health. So, keep following the protocol without fail.

If you are male, then you need to be aware that your body loses a lot of zinc with every ejaculation. The fact is that semen has a high content of zinc, as this mineral is important to the function of sperm cells. If you ejaculate often, then you ought to increase your intake of zinc supplement, as your frequent ejaculations otherwise can weaken your immune system by creating zinc deficiency. Similarly, you can strengthen your immune system by abstaining from ejaculating.

It has been stated that ingestion of semen is a good source of zinc. However, it is not a source that most people can rely on, as you need to account for the absorption of zinc. It is therefore more problematic for a man to ejaculate frequently, than it is beneficial for a woman to consume semen often with regards to optimizing one’s zinc status. All things considered, sex ought to be motivated by other factors than nutrition-physiological considerations.

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