Natural Corona Vaccine No. 5: Anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle

When some people evidently become seriously ill as a result of an infection with SARS-CoV-2, it can be because of an extreme inflammation response. Consequently, it is not the virus per se that makes you sick, but the storm of inflammatory compounds, such as cytokines that the virus triggers in the body. When other people apparently do not have any symptoms or only very mild symptoms of corona, it can be because they have a better anti-inflammatory defense.
Luckily, you can do something to strengthen your natural anti-inflammatory defense yourself.

There are different strategies, and it is a matter of taste which ones you like or if you prefer the whole package. The four ingredients are diet, hugs, cannabis and exercise.

1. ADOPT AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET. Eat berries like blue berries or make/choose smoothies with a lot of berries. Eat vegetables and whole grains. Eat walnuts, Brazil nuts and other nuts on your oats and/or as a snack. Eat fatty fish and/or take fish oil as a dietary supplement. Limit the use of vegetable oils that are fluid at fridge temperature, and that have a low content of omega 3, i.e., grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, thistle oil and corn oil. Choose rapeseed oil, olive oil and walnut oil instead. Drink tea – and perhaps also a small glass of red wine every day.
2. HUG AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Affectionate body contact and physical touch with presence, tranquility and plenty of time activates the production of the anti-inflammatory hormone oxytocin in the brain. Therefore, strive to hug as often as possible and for as long as possible.
3. STEAM POT. Cannabis in the form of pot steamed gradually from 120 to 210 degrees ℃ can provide an effective supplement of anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. NB: Most forms of cannabis are illegal in Denmark unless you have a prescription for medical cannabis. Talk to your doctor about it. However, cannabis is legal for health enhancing purposes in many other countries.
4. TAKE CALM EXERCISE. If you exercise, take care to increase the intensity, duration, and extent gradually and slowly, so your body has time to ‘digest’ the exercise without overtaxation. If you overtax your body with physical activity too rapidly that alone can result in inflammation. In general, aim for a good balance between physical activity and physical rest. The more you exercise, the more rest your body also needs if you want to avoid too much inflammation as a result of exercising.

The anti-inflammatory strategy in the Natural Corona Vaccine is to prevent serious covid-19 illness through healthy routines with regards to diet and lifestyle, so a potential invasion of one of the new corona viruses is not permitted to ruin your body like a Trojan horse that kicks you down from within.

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