Natural Corona Vaccine No. 6: A Healthy Lifestyle in General

Those who become seriously ill with corona are often burdened by severe overweight, unhealthy lifestyle or other diseases besides covid-19. As such, you can presumably reduce your overall risk of getting a serious case of covid-19 by leading a lifestyle that keeps you naturally slim, healthy and strong.

Natural Corona Vaccine No. 6 is a collection of pieces of good advice for that purpose, and you can choose the advice that is relevant to you.

1. CONSUME FEWER CALORIES AND MOVE MORE. Eliminate excess calories from your food and beverage intake by making the correct, small, and gradual dietary changes. Increase your physical activity, so you burn more calories. Do this gradually over time as well without taxing your system with too much of a good thing from one day to another. This will create a negative balance in calories, with which you can achieve a suitable and stable weight loss over time without having to deal with diets, which in themselves are taxing. NB: Do not become too thin, as deposits of fat are an important source of energy in case of acute illness where you lose your appetite. There is some truth in the idea that you need to have some extra stores that you can stand to lose, but everything in moderation, including flesh on the body.
2. AVOID TOBACCO SMOKE. Active and passive smoking strains the lungs, and that is problematic when you want to avoid becoming seriously ill from a virus that affects the lungs. Smoking also weakens the immune system in general and increases the risk of several diseases. The healthiest thing to do is to avoid tobacco smoke completely.
3. AVOID TOO MUCH ALCOHOL. Too much beer, wine and liquor weakens your immune system and increases the risk of disease. Stick to a maximum of 7 units a week if you are a woman and consume no more than 14 units a week if you are a man – and especially do not binge drink.
4. AVOID TOO MUCH STRESS. If you stress too much, it can also degrade your body and increase the risk of experiencing the symptoms of illness, which you are especially susceptible to for other reasons, and which can be mistaken for covid-19. For example, you can learn the mental technique of mindfulness to destress here and now, and to identify exactly what it is that stresses you too much in your life, which you can change for the better.
5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND REST. Both daily and if you recognize signs of stress or illness, make sure that you get enough sleep and rest. Unplug, go to bed and let sleep heal your body. Respect it when your body is calling out for sleep and rest in the same way that you hopefully also respect your body’s calling out for oxygen, food and drink. Listen to your body. It is wise.

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