Natural Corona Vaccine No.7: Be Considerate of Others

Because freedom is an integral part of health, any strategy to fight corona, which includes reducing an individual’s freedom is an unhealthy strategy. With freedom comes responsibility both for yourself and for others.

Natural Corona Vaccine includes two strategies to consider others that are based on freedom.

Firstly, it is important that you quarantine yourself if you feel ill. If you notice, it is also the natural response to disease. This will further your own healing, and you avoid infecting others with whatever it is that you have when you stay at home in bed. Make sure that you have enough provisions for 14 days of illness. Also make sure that you have a social network of people who can bring you groceries if you cannot get them yourself due to illness be it covid-19, flu or something else.

Secondly, it is important that you isolate yourself if you cannot tolerate becoming infected with the new coronavirus. Take responsibility for your own vulnerability instead of demanding that others must sacrifice their health and freedom for you and a few others, who potentially are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill from covid-19. Before you deem yourself as especially vulnerable, consider also that you might be able to do something about some of the factors, so you can increase your resistance and thereby reduce your vulnerability, for example by following the advice in the Natural Corona Vaccine program.

Here we are approaching the central political and ethical dilemmas with regards to corona: Whether the consideration for a few especially vulnerable people should eliminate freedom and destroy health for the many, who can withstand a corona infection? And even if you are particularly vulnerable, should you then be forced to live your life in social isolation in order to avoid a disease? It is my opinion that the solution can never be coercion. Coercion is the opposite of freedom and thus the opposite of health. One should be careful of worshipping health so much that it ends up becoming a disease in itself.

Again: It is common sense to quarantine yourself when you feel ill with something that could be contagious. Listen to your body. It knows more than you think. It is also common sense to isolate yourself from stressors until your body is healed and strengthened, so you are ready to fully embrace and live life again.

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