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Warning: Your body contains terrorist cells!

According to Ph.D. Geert Vanden Bossche the human body contains NK cells that can kill coronavirus making covid-vaccines unnecessary or even damaging.

NK stands for Natural Killer and they are well-known in medical circles. I suspect that it wont be long before NK cells are put on the global list of dangerous terror cells so that the war on terror also can be directed into the body.

It is damaging for the planned medical-digital tyranni that the body contains these killer cells. Therefore they must be called terrorists and stopped!

Investigations also show that the NK cells are supported by micronutrients. Therefore all dieteary supplements containing vitamins and minerals must be banned for harboring terrorists.

Just the name – killer cells – should be enough to push for a global ban now!

Peer Brændgaard

Af Peer Brændgaard

Jeg er klar til at hjælpe dig med dine spørgsmål og lede dig på vej til mere sundhed.

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