The free people of the world must stand together against the global power elite

I consider covid-19 as World War 3. It is not a war between nations. It is a war between the global power elite and the free people of all nations.

Covid-19 has almost nothing to do with health. It has almost everything to do with power and control. The enemy tries to manipulate us through clever propaganda and psychological warfare into accepting solutions which in reality is a technocratic, digital, total control system.

Their weapon is fear; fear for disease, fear for death, fear of infecting others, fear for being an outsider, fear for the police, fear for fines, fear for prison, fear for getting fired, fear for losing money, fear for fear…

I am a politically active health journalist and activist in one of the smallest countries of the world: Denmark. It seems like we are a kind of test country for the global roll out of the new kind of health fascist politics. Probably because we are so small and have such a high belief in authority. But day by day more and more Danes are waking up to the realities of what is going on and regular people are resisting facemasks, covid-tests, vaccines and the rest of the madness. It is a slow process but it is going the right way. The police and propaganda media now have to lie about how many people are participating in protests against the corona politics of the Danish social democratic government.

I suspect that our political leaders are being bribed and/or extorted by the gangsters of the global power elite. I suspect that this is happening in every country in the world. Every government seems to follow the same script. Only one government leader has dared to use freedom instead of fascism and he suddenly died in a mysterious way.

This means that everything is up to us, the freedom loving people of the world. Everything is up to you and me. We have to wake up, stand up and stand together for freedom. If we do nothing we will all end up in a digital prison. The only factor the enemy is really afraid of is the massive rising of the people. This means that you have do say something and do something in the real world. You have to get out of the net which is also under control of the enemy. There is no need for violence. We don’t have to break the law. We just have to be many enough!

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