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Open letter to LinkedIn: Is nutrition information banned?

I have been blocked from your platform for several days now.

I have appealed and hope to be allowed back in to my 10.000 contacts.

I have a masters degree in human nutrition from University of Copenhagen. You claim that my posts about nutrition in relation to covid-19 are somehow wrong. That is why you have banned me from your site.

I did not know that LinkedIn had nutrition professors hired or that LinkedIn was a peer-reviewed journal. If that is the case I would like some scientific feedback so that I can correct my writings. That is the practice of scientific journals.

I thought LinkedIn was a social medium for scientific and business sharing of information and my area of expertise just happens to be nutrition.

Or maybe your banning of my profile means that communication of nutrition science now is completely banned from LinkedIn. If that is the case I think many of your users would like an explanation for this censorship.

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