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The Big Race: Freedom vs Tyranny

We are in The Big Race: Dissemination of Truth vs Deception-based Implementation of Totalitarian Technocratic Tyranny.

Some of us take active part on either side of the race. But most of us are too ignorant, busy or satisfied to bother.

In this Digital Information Age it is very difficult to hide information from those in the public that are looking for it by simple open source investigation. Therefore those with power based on secrets have to imprison the minds of the people by abusing information technology and mass psychology to implement a totalitarian tyranny. This is done at the moment by covid-19 with The Ukraine War as the distraction and the excuse for what cannot be blamed on covid-19. Propaganda is the weapon of choice.

The technocratic tyranny includes censorship already and in the longer run it will also include inability to use information for political purposes because of the totalitarian, chronic, digital lockdown.

The powers that shouldn’t be are now desperately trying to keep the truths about covid-19 and the mRNA-vaccines from being spread to the public. Unfortunately it might be necessary with World War III to keep people from knowing the truth and to keep them in the necessary state of fear for the planned politics to be implemented.

It is really a race between the rate of dissemination of truth and the rate of implementation of technocratic tyranny. Just like in any other race it is a question of WHO COMES FIRST. When the people KNOW they will say STOP and the enemies of the people will have to stop. We, the people, have the power, we just don’t know it.

But now everybody is worried about the Ukraine/Russia conflict and the risk of nuclear war. Under that smokescreen the real global agenda can be continued with a very much reduced risk of dissemination of the dangerous truths through the mainstream media.

The stupid mainstream media is like a primitive dog: If you give him a pound of meat he can’t focus on anything else. Ukraine is the pound of meat. Or actually a TON of meat!

But where are the powers that shouldn’t be? Well, they are not that hidden. Just take a look at World Economic Forum and World Health Organization. They are the new actors on the global power scene by covid-19, The Great Reset and The 4th Industrial Revolution – sweet names for the new kind of totalitarian tyranny that will make Nazi Germany look like a free society.

Please wake up now – and start running!

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