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Stupidology: Everybody deserves to be stupid!

Allow me to suggest a new global field of academic study and research: STUPIDOLOGY.

Stupidology is the study and science of stupidity.

Recent and current events in media, politics, health and society have shown that we live in not just The Digital Age, but The Digital Age of Stupidity.

Those people that become the most famous these days are those that are the most stupid – or at least behave the most stupid. Reality shows and reality stars is just one example of this phenomenon.

Public health promotion and disease prevention have during the covid-19 scamdemic changed from being based on evidence to being based on fear and stupidity. Fear seems to be the constant partner to stupidity in this day and age. Therefore the interaction between fear and stupidity should be studied more intensely using classic scientific methods.

When the framework is complete and the groundwork is done Stupidology can be used for various purposes such as making propaganda for the totalitarian, technocratic, criminal government even more effective.

Masters of Stupidology can also become important teachers and advisors to upcoming reality stars, TV hosts, journalists, politicians, pop stars and professional athletes.

Not everyone are born stupid; some have to learn it just like any other competence. Those that are so unfortunate to have an IQ over 100 can learn effective behavioural techniques to hide their real intelligence and thereby become succesful human beings.

Everybody deserves to be stupid!

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