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Welcome To Brain War III – Feel Free To Enjoy Your Life As A Digital Slave

In my opinion we are currently living in Brain War III. It’s a World War on our minds in order to make us slaves to a global elite.

Brain War III began September 11th 2001 with the Zionist terror attack on USA disguised as Islamic terror. The goal was through media-based psychological trauma to increase compliance to strong government in order increase safety and decrease fear.

Phase 2 of Brain War III began in 2006 with the release of the Al Gore & David Guggenheim movie An Inconvenient Truth which launched the global warming and later (as the Globe didn’t warm as predicted) the climate change narrative. The goal was to further the implementation of fear-based politics following 9/11.

Phase 3 of Brain War III began with the release of covid-19 with even more fear. Now the attack on the brain has probably moved from pure psychology to hidden nanobiotechnology in the so-called “vaccines”. The effects of which are still not understood but the agenda is global control through technocracy with a biotechnological coupling of the induced fear with the individual need for perceived safety and social acceptance.

Phase 4 of Brain War III began with Russias invasion of Ukraine which brought the fear of physical war very close to everyone, especialle here in Europe. The weapon is always weaponized fear and false safety solutions. In this way the current Brain War is actually a kind of induced obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in which the safety behaviours provide a false validation of the reality of the fear.

Now evil Russia can be blamed for the inflation and increasing prices even though it is the inevitable outcome of the collapsing Zionist economic system. The physical World War III will probably also expand to not just Ukraine.

Phase 5 is the final phase of Brain War III. This will be the final nail in the coffin with a full integration of the totalitarian technocratic biosecurity surveilance state with the economic system with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). All of this will be run from the New Ukraine which is the new Greater Israel which we be a light to all the nations of the World. The transformation of the economic control system will be complete.

Brain War I was the psychological part aimed at the general public of World War I. The brain war goal was among other goals to introduce the global fear of total war also even in the modern, civilized era which ought to know better than that.

Brain War II played fascism and communism against each other in order to join the common winner in a global elite. Furthermore the goal was to promote Jews as victims in order to use that label to camouflage the organized crime and assaults that we are currently suffering from. Therefore the global elite which are waging war on the global people is now an ideologically strange mixture of Zionists, Nazis, Communists and Fascists – with a love for power and wealth – and a psychopathic superiority complex – as the common thread. In my opinion, that is.

Cover: Unsplash.com (David Matos)

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