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Did Andy Fletcher From Depeche Mode Die From the Covid-Vaccine?

It could be the case, but we don’t know for sure.

According to several media reports the musician died on 26 May 2022, aged 60, after suffering a aortic dissection while at home. According to responses from those who knew Mr. Fletcher he died suddenly. Former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder stated that learning of Fletcher’s death was “a real bolt from the blue”.

Later that year an autopsy case report was published in the scientific journal Legal Medicine suggesting that aortic dissection was the result of mRNA-COVID-19-vaccination. The author concludes:

“In the present case, extended inflammation of the aortic adventitia was a possible cause of aortic wall fragility followed by dissection.”

Myocarditis is a well documented adverse effect to COVID-19 mRNA-vaccination from the Pfizer and Moderna shots and the underlying inflammation can lead to aortic dissection in some, rare cases.

It has been previously claimed by adverse effect deniers that is has been proven without doubt that Andy Fletcher dit not die from the COVID-19 vaccine. This claim is however based on the false assumption that aortic dissection is a natural cause of death that can not be related to the vaccine.

Cover: Unsplash.com (James Owen)

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