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How To Be Sick In A Healthy Way

Holistic Health is also the art of being sick.

A wise man once said that disease and disaster are natural parts of life. What is impossible to avoid can however be managed in a healthy way.

Step 1: Acceptance

The first step is to accept the current disease and suffering as it is. Denial and avoidance tend to prolong and increase suffering. Acceptance does not mean that we have to like being sick and ill. Acceptance may mean to accept that we don’t like to feel this way, but we accept that we do anyway, simply because that is the reality right now. Acceptance in the mindful way leads to direct insights into the constantly changing nature even of pain. Getting well again requires this acceptance of how we feel at the moment while being open to healing from moment to moment.

Step 2: Action

Based on deep acceptance of what our bodies tell us we can start doing things that promote healing. Without acceptance healthy action is delayed, whereby the disease may get much worse than its natural course. ‘Action’ includes both doing things that promote healing and not-doing things that slow healing. This includes the gentle art of doing nothing and just letting time pass while nature is doing the healing without our clever, stressful interruptions. In other words: Set your doings on pause while you are sick and focus your energy on being whereby you can become well again with time.

I wish you a good recovery.

Cover: Unsplash.com (Kelly Sikkema)

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