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Don’t let health dumb you down

Physically and mentally healthy people that don’t care about politics are socially and globally unhealthy. From a holistic point of view their total health is actually low. Awareness of politics includes awareness of the often hidden powers that are pushing you around.

Remember the four dimensions of holistic health:

  1. Physical health: your body and physical functions
  2. Mental health: your thoughts and feelings
  3. Social health: your relations to other people
  4. Global health: your relations to the global world

Health as indirect political propaganda

Increasing the focus on physical health, lifestyle and mental wellbeing can be a political method to decrease the focus on social and global health. Who could be interested in that? Well, maybe those that just want you to be a healthy working slave for capitalism. They want to keep your physical health as high as possible (so that you can work, produce and pay taxes) and your global health as low as possible (so that you don’t wake up to the deep injustices of the world).

Sustainable health

I would like to launch a new concept: sustainable health.

Sustainable health is:
– Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, which the individual can continue (ie behavioral sustainability)
– Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, that do not overload the environment at the same time (ie environmental sustainability)
– Healthy changes in the perception of weight and body making us better at carrying and caring for the body (ie bodily sustainablity)
– Healthy changes in mindfulness, which the individual can continue (ie sustainability of mindfulness)

Let us work together for much more sustainable health.