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Fedmeforskning er i lommen på industrien

Jeg har i mange år fulgt den danske og den internationale fedmeforskning meget tæt. Min konklusion er: Den er meget mærkelig! Og det kan næsten kun skyldes, at fedmeforskningen er i lommen på industrien, når man tænker på, hvilke interesser forskningen tjener.

Og det er som om, at fedmeforskningen er blevet mere og mere mærkelig og desperat med årene. Når jeg siger mærkelig, så mener jeg, at fedmeforskningen fokuserer på emner, der er fuldstændigt irrelevante for den praktiske udvikling af ny, effektiv behandling til mennesker, der lider af svær overvægt. Fedmeforskningen fokuserer i stedet på fysiologiske og biokemiske detaljer, der kun har relevans for medicinalindustrien og læger uden reel interesse i at hjælpe mennesker. Det handler om at opdage et stof eller en mekanisme, man kan tage patent på og sælge til industrien. Denne jagt efter penge og lægefaglig berømmelse fjerner fokus fra den forskning, der kunne have bragt fedmeforskningen til gavn for folkesundheden fremad.

Og hvis fedmeforskerne ikke er i lommen på medicinalindustrien, så er de i lommen på fødevareindustrien, hvor de f.eks. desperat prøver at finde slankende egenskaber ved animalske fødevarer som mælk og kød, der er under hårdt pres fra den veganske bølge.

Den forskning, der bliver undertrykt, er den tværfaglige, praksisorienterede forskning, der fusionerer de fysiologiske videnskaber om bl.a. ernæring, motion og livsstil med de psykologiske videnskaber om bl.a. bevidsthed, motivation og adhærens. Altså forskning med fokus på at hjælpe mennesker i stedet for at hjælpe kapitalstærke virksomheder til at holde på eller øge kapitalen yderligere.


Vægttab: Lad være med at skyde gråspurve med kanoner

Vil du gerne opnå et effektivt og stabilt vægttab? Så lad være med at hoppe på en diæt.

Behandling af overvægt med en totalitær diætplan svarer til at skyde gråspurve med kanoner. Det gælder enhver totalitær diætplan, også dem der er baseret på blodsukkermåling, og som påstår at være baseret på videnskab.

Læs videre Vægttab: Lad være med at skyde gråspurve med kanoner

Why the media makes you stupid

It seems to me that 99 % of all the money and work in the media industry goes into making content that makes you stupid: numbing entertainment and propaganda-based news. They call it journalism but it really should be called something else. Or we need a new word for truth-seeking journalism.

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War and peace: What is really happening – and why?

In these times it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources of information about war and peace. Most regular media are filled with propaganda that provides a distorted view of reality. But I can recommend The Transnational if you want to know what is really going on in Syria etc.

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What to call it instead of tantra?

Tantra is a misused concept in the West. I suggest that we simple stop using the word ‘tantra’. Here are my alternatives.

If you refer to the true tantra please call it tantric hinduism or tantric buddhism. And know that it has nothing or very little to do with sexuality. In my experience only about 0,001 % of those that think of themselves as tantric are true tantric yogis.

Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

If you by tantra mean mindful sex then please just call it that: mindful sex. There is nothing wrong with sex. There is nothing wrong with mindfulness. It is actually a really nice combination and it does not include misuse of terms. Mindful sex includes energy sex.

If you by tantra mean mindfulness of sensuality in a broader sense then why not just call it that? Mindful sensuality or mindful sensing. Mindful eating is included in that category and it is a general mindfulness practice to come to our senses.

Being mindful means to be aware in a nonjudgmental way. Right mindfulness is when your awareness is combined with loving-kindnesss. Mindfulness is ethical and healthy. It is not just to live in the moment like an animal.

In conclusion: I suggest that ‘mindfulness’ replace ‘tantra’ in the way that we seem to want to use ‘tantra’ in the modern culture.

Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

The secrets about The Secret

The Secret or The Law of Attraction is a popular new age believe that thoughts can change the world directly. It became popular from a documentary movie and a following book by Rhonda Byrne. During the years I’ve met a lot of people that based their lives on this “secret”. Mostly women. This is what I have learned.

The real secrets about The Secret

Secret #1: It creates bad karma

The Secret is basically a modern kind of abuse of the buddhist principle of karma. The Secret teaches that material desire is a good thing whereas buddhism actually teaches that this desire is a root cause of existential suffering. Just based on my personal live experiences I think there is some truth to the concept of thoughts, ideas and intentions create manifestations in the physical world. But this is actually something to be handled very consciously because this craving is the main cause for human suffering. Especially now in the modern world. And from a Buddhist perspective craving more material things and money actually creates bad karma that will backfire on you in this life or your next rebirth.

Secret #2: It makes you passive

Thoughts don’t actually become things in the way The Secret teaches. It mostly creates a dream world where you sit and think instead of going out and doing something real. The real secret is that thoughts and intentions become actions which change the physical world. I have personally experienced women who never get any succes in life because they base their life on The Secret bullshit with thinking instead of action. Wake up and do something! That is my recommendation for real power women.

Secret #3: It prevents political protests

The Secret believers who want world peace and social political change sit and visualise the perfect world instead of opening their mouths and taking the rightful indignation to the streets. This is a perfect way for the powers that be to eliminate protests before they begin. Believers of The Secret actually think that it will make things worse if they engage in real political work because “thoughts become things”. The Secret is The Perfect Bullshit Storm for those that want to continue with all the unjustices, frauds and wars. If I was a conspiracy theorist I could argue that The Secret was actually invented by capitalist war mongers so that they can go on with their dirty business.

The secrets about The Secret


Don’t let health dumb you down

Physically and mentally healthy people that don’t care about politics are socially and globally unhealthy. From a holistic point of view their total health is actually low. Awareness of politics includes awareness of the often hidden powers that are pushing you around. Remember the four dimensions of holistic health: Physical health: your body and physical … Læs videre Don’t let health dumb you down

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Sustainable health

I would like to launch a new concept: sustainable health.

Sustainable health is:
– Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, which the individual can continue (ie behavioral sustainability)
– Healthy changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, that do not overload the environment at the same time (ie environmental sustainability)
– Healthy changes in the perception of weight and body making us better at carrying and caring for the body (ie bodily sustainablity)
– Healthy changes in mindfulness, which the individual can continue (ie sustainability of mindfulness)

Let us work together for much more sustainable health.

The stress eating response

Eating is probably the most widespread method to reduce stress in the modern world. Eating to reduce stress can be done both with and without awareness. Most frequently it is done automatically in the modern world environment with easy access to both stress factors and delicious food.

The stress eating response is natural. Stress increases the craving for food because eating reduces stress. Foods with a high content of sugar, fat and pleasureful taste is especially effective in reducing stress through various biological mechanisms.

I recommend these steps to manage stress eating:
Step 1: Become aware of your stress eating. Accept that it is that: eating to reduce stress. Reflect on the meaningful effects that drive your stress eating. It is not just a bad habbit.
Step 2: Become a mindful stress eater. Accept that stress eating probably will contrinue to be a part of your life. So why not enjoy it? Try also to notice when you have reduced your stress level sufficiently and stop eating at that point.
Step 3: Manage your life stress directly and notice how that reduces your need for stress eating. Practice simply being mindful of stressful feelings, thoughts and situations and let the stress pass by itself.

Don’t skip step 1 and 2. They are necessary to reach step 3.

Please your health with pleasure

Pleasure is healthy. Is reduces stress and improves brain function.

The three basic sources of pleasure are:
– Food and drinks – eating and drinking
– Socializing (probably with hugging and cuddling with dear persons as the most pleasurable activity)
– Sex

If you want to eat and drink less, perhaps to loose weight, one pleasure strategy is to increase the two other basic pleasures, that is more plasurable hugging, cuddling and sex. This will indirectly reduce your cravings for excess foods and drinks.

And remember: Your desire for pleasure is by itself a sign of health. You just have to be conscious about how you satisfy your basic needs.

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Five myths about mindful eating

Mindful eating is the new way to eat for health, weight regulation and pleasure maximization. Don’t let these five myths about mindful eating bring you down.

Myth #1: Mindful eating requires you to eat in silence
Fact: You can practice with as much noice around you as you want. Mindful eating is an inner practice about directing your awareness towards the sensing of your food and your body. Just let the noice be as it is.

Myth #2: Mindful eating is boring
Fact: Mindful awareness changes even the most simple experience so that it becomes interesting. Just try with one mouthful. Even your breath becomes interesting when you focus on that.

Myth #3: I don’t get the enjoyment of socializing while I’m eating
Fact: Eating while you are socializing actually makes you avoid quite a lot of both the social pleasure of being with people and the sensual pleasures of eating. When you socialize, socialize. When you eat, eat.

Myth #4: Mindful eating makes every food healthy and slimming
Fact: No, it does not. But mindful eating allows you to better transfer your knowledge about nutrition into your food choices in your everyday life. A donut still contains a lot of calories even if you eat it with mindfulness.

Myth #5: Mindful eating requires me to become a Buddhist and meditate a lot
Fact: No. Mindful eating can be a part of a “hardcore” buddhist meditation lifestyle. But it can also be a part of a lifestyle where you simply take inner small steps motivated by your primitive, animal craving for maximum pleasure.

Mindful Eating Awareness – Weight Loss With Wisdom by Uffe Damborg and Per Brændgaard

I have started dance walking…

Inspired by a video on youtube with Ben Aaron about dance walking I started experiencing with this crazy kind of exercise myself. And I must say: It’s really fun! It’s a great way to combine walking for transportation with pleasureful dancing. It can also be used to increase the intensity of the physical activity and to use a much larger amount of muscles than regular walking.

I am still a beginner but succesful dance walking seems to require at least these elements:

  • An open mind that doesn’t mind being perceived as strange and laughable.
  • A playlist on the iPhone or whatever you are using that includes inspiring music with energy and a relatively fast rhythm.
  • Start with very slow walking and increase the pace gradually as the music allows. It’s difficult to shift from regular walking to dance walking, but easier to shift from slow walking.
  • Preparedness to move the whole body intuitively and variably to the beat.

The track that made me start dance walking was I Feel Loved by Depeche Mode. Maybe it will work for you too. The energy and speed is great. At least in my ears. 🙂