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Don’t let health dumb you down

27 jan

Physically and mentally healthy people that don’t care about politics are socially and globally unhealthy. From a holistic point of view their total health is actually low. Awareness of politics includes awareness of the often hidden powers that are pushing you around. Remember the four dimensions of holistic health: Physical health: your body and physical […]

New songs: Israhell and 9/11

26 jan

Israhell new song by Burnfarm

The third song from my first release is out now. It’s called ISRAHELL. The B side is 9/11. I will put all my songs out for free on my Burnfarm Music YouTube channel. You can also support my musical work by buying and downloading my songs as high resolution mp3s in my webshop. Including beautiful […]

And now with music: The Diet Song

1 jan

I have started making music. I am a total beginner but the songs seem to pour out of me. So I have started to record the songs. It’s just me with my guitar and a simple recorder. No fancy stuff and lots of imperfections. The first one is out now. It’s called The Diet Song. […]