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The wars on terror are based on a conspiracy theory

23 mar

Since 9/11 we have had the wars on terror. The war on Afghanistan. The war on Iraq. And now the war on Syria. Next we will have the war on Iran. Or Russia. Never ending war. Unless we, the people, wake up and demand peace! I recommend that you start waking up to the reality […]

9/11: The day the laws of physics did not apply

21 mar

On 9/11 two planes crashed into two scyscrabers in World Trade Center in New York and made three (3) scyscrabers collapse. The third building (Building 7) was not hit by any plane and collapsed several hours after the plane crashes. Video recordings of show a collapse of Building 7 that looks exactly like a controlled […]

Wake up with Building 7

14 mar

Wake up with Building 7

Do you wonder why the war on terror seems to go on forever and ever? Can you find a little bit of curiosity to think outside the box? Do you have a feeling that the media may not always be telling you the truth? If you can answer ‘yes’ to these three questions I will […]

War and peace: What is really happening – and why?

10 mar

In these times it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources of information about war and peace. Most regular media are filled with propaganda that provides a distorted view of reality. But I can recommend The Transnational if you want to know what is really going on in Syria etc. It is founded by Jan […]

Healthy music with hertz and words

5 mar

Healthy music is tuned to 432 hertz with lyrics that makes you think about your life. A month ago I retuned my acoustic guitar to 432 hertz instead of the regular 440 hertz. When I play music for clients and friends the same songs as I played before seems to sink in at a much […]

What to call it instead of tantra?

20 feb

Call it mindfulness instead of tantra

Tantra is a misused concept in the West. I suggest that we simple stop using the word ‘tantra’. Here are my alternatives. If you refer to the true tantra please call it tantric hinduism or tantric buddhism. And know that it has nothing or very little to do with sexuality. In my experience only about […]

The secrets about The Secret

19 feb

The secrets about The Secret

The Secret or The Law of Attraction is a popular new age believe that thoughts can change the world directly. It became popular from a documentary movie and a following book by Rhonda Byrne. During the years I’ve met a lot of people that based their lives on this “secret”. Mostly women. This is what […]

Penis care: Three ways to a fit penis

16 feb


Penis care is an overlooked and taboo subject within holistic health, so it is worth getting to light. Here are three of the extra things (besides water and soap) I do to care for my penis. Penis care 1: The penis holder ‘Manhood’ For a number of years, I have used the Manhood, penis head […]

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