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The secrets about The Secret

19 feb

The secrets about The Secret

The Secret or The Law of Attraction is a popular new age believe that thoughts can change the world directly. It became popular from a documentary movie and a following book by Rhonda Byrne. During the years I’ve met a lot of people that based their lives on this “secret”. Mostly women. This is what […]

Penis care: Three ways to a fit penis

16 feb


Penis care is an overlooked and taboo subject within holistic health, so it is worth getting to light. Here are three of the extra things (besides water and soap) I do to care for my penis. Penis care 1: The penis holder ‘Manhood’ For a number of years, I have used the Manhood, penis head […]

Don’t let health dumb you down

27 jan

Physically and mentally healthy people that don’t care about politics are socially and globally unhealthy. From a holistic point of view their total health is actually low. Awareness of politics includes awareness of the often hidden powers that are pushing you around. Remember the four dimensions of holistic health: Physical health: your body and physical […]