Copenhagen Cuddle Club

Copenhagen Cuddle Club

Do you also have a lot of hugs that wait to be shared?

Would you like to learn mindful cuddling?

Are you interested in the health effects of physical touch and the hugging hormone oxytocin?

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Copenhagen Cuddle Club for expats in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Cuddle Club is for expats and other foreigners living in Copenhagen. Native Danish are also welcome. The language is English.

Every event in Copenhagen Cuddle Club consist of four parts:
1. Joint introduction and teaching about mindful touching
2. A guidet meditation – at first without and then with a little physical touching
3. Free cuddling with respect for each others wishes, needs and limits
4. Joint evaluation

It is not allowed to arrive later and skip points 1 and 2 above, but you are allowed to leave earlier if you wish.

‘Hugging’ and ‘cuddling’ encompasses all kinds of loving touch of and with the whole body and it can take place both standing, sitting and lying – in pairs or more.

Everything is going on with clothes. Sexual touch is not allowed. Kissing and touch of the genitals is prohibited. Each participant can set additional limits. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to communicate wishes and limits clearly.

The attitude is that everyone hugs with everyone, but there is no forced cuddling. You can always say no to a hug.

Cuddling in Copenhagen Cuddle Club is not a romantic meeting. We let each other free when the evening is over.

Copenhagen Cuddle Club is both for you who are looking for a private cuddle friend and for those who just go for the experience.

NOTE: No access to people with bad hygiene, intoxicated persons or people with strong odors of tobacco or perfume.

Practical information

Join the group on Facebook

Join the group by mailinglist

Price: 100, – DKK per. person per arrangement incl. Yogi tea and healthy, delicious muesli biscuits. Cash payment on arrival or via MobilePay to 26252010 (Per Brændgaard). You pay per event that you participate in.

Sign up for each event in the group. There is room for up to 20 participants per event. Gender distribution is not controlled, so it is best to be prepared to cuddle with both opposite and own gender. Arrive 15 min. before announced start so we can start collectively on time.

Most events will be held at my place (P. Brændgaard, Willemoesgade 31, 4th th, 2100 Copenhagen Ø). I will be doing the teaching and facilitation and be available for hugs and cuddles at every event. You do not need any previous experience with cuddling or similar events to participate. Everyone is welcome.