Healthy music with hertz and words

Healthy music is tuned to 432 hertz with lyrics that makes you think about your life. A month ago I retuned my acoustic guitar to 432 hertz instead of the regular 440 hertz. When I play music for clients and friends the same songs as I played before seems to sink in at a much deeper level. I also find it much more natural and ejoyable to play and sing at the lower frequency.

Healthy music lyrics

Most of the pop music that is played in the radio has a tendency to make people numb and stupid. Nazy Germany was the first to find out that music can make people into working slaves that don’t question the authorities. This seems to continue in modern pop music that almost always are based on incredibly stupid and repetetive lyrics that promote egoistic and hedonistic values. Musicians seem to have nothing to say anymore. Modern people use music to get “energy” for activities such as work and exercise that basically are without meaning and pleasure themselves. That is why pop music is popular.

I am still a musical beginner but I have strong opinions about music, life and politics that I try to incorporate into my own homemade songs. This has led to songs like The Diet Song, The Meaning of Leif and 9/11. Today I have uploaded all the lyrics for all my songs the Burnfarm music page. It’s music for free from me to you. 🙂

Healthy music by Burnfarm

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