I am leaving Facebook

26 mar

We’ve had a good relationship for many years but now I am leaving Facebook and Messenger. I have become sick and tired of all their political censorship to defend the fascist-imperialistic American-Israeli-NATO war machine and their fraudulent wars based on lies and propaganda. I hate to think that they have all my private information and messages to sell to intelligence agencies to be used by their information agents to attack me online in my fight for peace.

Before I became politically awake all this privacy stuff didn’t really matter. I had nothing to hide. I still have nothing to hide but Facebook is hiding me when I write something critical about our political system. Political activism on Facebook is like hitting a pillow: you may get something out of your system but your blows don’t really hit anyone at all. Not that I am into violence, but you get my point. Facebook lets you have a fake satisfaction which really doesn’t make a difference at all.

Leaving Facebook and going to MeWe

Yesterday I made a profile on MeWe which seems to be the best alternative to Facebook — if they practice their values and privacy policies. I also made a profile on Signal which seems to be a healthy alternative to Messenger and SMS. Try it out and feel free to add me as a contact.

Here is the link to my profile on MeWe: mewe.com/i/per.braendgaard

On Signal you can add me through my phone number: 26 25 20 10.

You MeWe and Signal on both computer and smart phone (download the apps in your app store). And both are free to install and use.

I am not deleting my existence on Facebook (this is actually impossible) but follow me to MeWe if you want to read my comments without the political filter! Or just continue reading my blog here which is also just the raw me without any political censorship.

And no I am not getting paranoid. 🙂 I am just getting realistic about the information war. And I have decided to fight for peace through truth! To make the little difference that I can. In this I am inspired by this quote by The Dalai Lama: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

I am leaving Facebook and Messenger


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