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Per Brændgaard is a Danish journalist, author, teacher, politician, consultant and nutritionist, MSc in Human Nutrition, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the founder of Health Liberal People’s Party the new political party. His mission is to promote a liberal approach to health by working and communicating with private individuals, groups and companies.

His main areas of expertise are:

  • Nutrition & Health Communication
  • Health Politics & Propaganda
  • Obesity Treatment & Prevention is an independent web media with Per Brændgaard as the main freelance journalist focusing on issues within health, politics and spirituality that the mainstream media overlook. Most of the content is in Danish but more and the English production is growing as well.

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New book: Natural Corona Vaccine


Mindful Eating Awareness is a book written by psychologist Uffe Damborg and Per Brændgaard. The book is available as paper book or e-book on


Per Brændgaard can be booked for individuel or group sessions in real life or online – in both Danish and English. He also offers public speaking, teaching and consulting for private companies.


Mobile: +45 26 25 20 10

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