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Profile of Per Brændgaard in English

I am self-employed within human nutrition and holistic health. I offer nutrition counseling and holistic health coaching for private clients and companies. I also work as a professional cuddler in Copenhagen.  

My educational background include MSc in Human Nutrition from University of Copenhagen (1999).

My personal interests include meditation, homemade music and peace activism.

I was born 1971 in Silkeborg and has been living in Copenhagen since 1995.

Services and specialities

I offer my coaching, counseling and cuddling services to both individuals and organizations.

My services include:

  • Nutrition counseling for people suffering from obesity or overeating
  • Holistic health coaching with new perspectives on health and motivation
  • Inspirational lectures about nutrition and health
  • Mindfulness meditation instruction — including eating and cuddling meditation
  • Professional cuddling sessions
  • Life music with homemade songs

Prices agreed individually.

I also write blog posts in English about holistic health.

The mindful eating book

Mindful Eating Awareness is a book written by psychologist Uffe Damborg and me. The book is available on

Social media

Feel free to follow me on the social media.

Burnfarm Music | The New Peace Movement | MeWe | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Booking and contact

Feel free to contact me anytime for booking requests or other questions about my work.


Phone/text: +45 26 25 20 10

Per Brændgaard | Willemoesgade 31, 4. th. | DK-2100 Copenhagen | Denmark

Per Brændgaard in English


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