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Independent author, lecturer, coach and consultant with an emphasis on holistic health and human nutrition. He also works as a hugging therapist based on mindful touching and he has a burning passion for truth-based politics and homemade music.

MSc in Human Nutrition. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Born 1971.

Areas of expertise

Per Brændgaard offers consulting for individuals and companies within these areas:

  • Holistic health with an evidence-based approach (physical, mental, social and global wellbeing)
  • Holistic weight management with a focus on both weight loss and body satisfaction
  • Human nutrition with a science-based approach to optimal nutrition
  • Mindful eating as treatment for binge eating disorder (BED)
  • Mindful hugging with a non-sexual approach based on spirituel love (loving-kindness)

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Per Brændgaard blogs about holistic health. Most posts are in Danish but some are in English.

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The mindful eating book

Book by Per Brændgaard in English with concrete advice on mindful eating to increase pleasure, lose body weight and stop dieting. Written with psychologist and meditation teacher Uffe Damborg.

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Per Brændgaard in English