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Per Brændgaard (born 1971) is a Danish nutritionist (MSc) with a holistic approach to health.

Based in Copenhagen he offers his services to both private clients and companies.

Services include nutrition counseling, holistic health coaching, mindful hugging therapy, lectures, teaching and  consulting.

Prices per session (1 hour):

  • Private clients: 800,- DKK
  • Companies: 1.000,- DKK

Private interests include global politics and homemade music. He writes and performs his own songs under the artist name Burnfarm.

The Holistic Health Blog

Per Brændgaard blogs about holistic health. Most posts are in Danish but some are in English.

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The mindful eating book

Mindful Eating Awareness is a book written by Per Brændgaard and psychologist Uffe Damborg. The book is availbale on

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Booking and more information

Phone, text or mail to get in touch with Per Brændgaard and book a session.


Phone/text: +45 26 25 20 10

Per Brændgaard | Willemoesgade 31, 4. th. | DK-2100 København Ø | Denmark

Per Brændgaard in English


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