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Peer Brændgaard is an Independent Public Educator, M.Sc. in Human Nutrition, specializing in obesity management, holistic health promotion and deception detection.

Peer Brændgaard (born 1971) has a M.Sc. degree in Human Nutrition from University of Copenhagen (1999) and B.Sc. degree in Nutrition and Home Economics from University College Absalon (1994).

He is an experienced obesity counselor with a freedom-based approach to lifestyle change and sustainable weight loss. He has developed a new approach to lifestyle treatment based on Behaviour Choice Treatment with a focus on Small Steps and Mindful Eating.

He is co-author of Mindful Eating Awareness – Weight Loss With Wisdom with psycholigist and meditation teacher Uffe Damborg available on

He has also developed a new approach to Holistic Health that includes six dimensions: physical, mental, social, spiritual, sexual and political health. He writes about that in The Holistic Health Blog here on and in Holistic Health by Brændgaard on Substack.

Through development of the Holistic Health concept he also became interested in propaganda research and deception detection especially within health, media and politics.

He can be booked for consulting, writing and speaking in both Danish and English.

By the way: Brændgaard directly translated to English is Burnfarm.

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Mobile: +45 26 25 20 10

Peer Brændgaard | Willemoesgade 31, 4. th. | DK-2100 Copenhagen | Denmark

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