Burnfarm is my artist name as a singer/songwriter.

I took up the guitar as a peaceful political weapon in the summer of 2017. Before then I could not play a single chord. After a few months of basic guitar training new songs started to flow out of my hands, heart and head. So I started to write them down, record them at home and put them out in the world.

I am still a beginner and my music is mainly for my own creative fun and musical therapy.

Burnfarm is my last name (Brændgaard) translated directly to English.

Per Brændgaard aka Burnfarm music live

The First Release

When I opened the gates 12 songs quickly flooded out of me. My plan is to release them one at a time during 2018. They could then make up my first album called The First Release. If I find a friendly soul with a music studio I might go in and make a real professional recording of that album.

My first 12 homemade songs:

  1. The Diet Song
  2. Don’t Fix It
  3. Israhell
  4. Tahiti
  5. Good Fun
  6. This Night With You
  7. Oh See Dear
  8. The Art of Falling Out of Love
  9. Love Me (The Narcissist Prayer)
  10. Roll On
  11. Nothing Wrong
  12. Breathe In Slow

Bonus songs (also homemade):

  1. The Meaning of Leif (B-side to Don’t Fix It)
  2. 911 (B-side to Israhell)
  3. Birthday Complete (B-side to Tahiti)
  4. My Orgasm Queen (B-side to This Night With You)
  5. Do You Dare? (B-side to Oh See Dear)

When you buy and download my music in my webshop you get extra materials and lyrics. Thank you for your support. 🙂

Coversongs repertoire

  1. Going Nowhere (The Cure)
  2. Strangelove (Depeche Mode)
  3. Waiting (The Cure)
  4. Mad World (Gary Jules)
  5. Ship of Fools (Erasure)
  6. Hurt (Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails)
  7. Fall Apart (Death In June)
  8. Please Come Home (The Cure)
  9. But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)
  10. Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman)
  11. No More (Eddie Vedder)

Listen to Burnfarm original songs for free

Here you can listen to all my original songs recorded so far.

The Diet Song:


Don’t Fix It:


The Meaning of Leif:








Birthday Complete:


Good Fun:

This Night With You:


My Orgasm Queen:


Oh See Dear:


Do You Dare?


The Art of Falling Out of Love:




Burnfarm coversongs for free

All my coversongs recorded so far.

No More (Eddie Vedder):


Please Come Home (The Cure):