Healthy music by Burnfarm


Burnfarm is my artist name as a musician.

Burnfarm is my last name (Brændgaard) translated directly to English.

I took up the guitar as a peaceful political weapon (and probably also as a kind of therapy) in the summer of 2017. Before then I could not play a single chord. After a few months of basic guitar training new songs started to flow out of my hands, heart and head. So I started to write them down, record them at home and make them available for free here on my website.

It’s just me and my acoustic guitar. Nothing fancy. And I’m still an amateur beginner. 🙂

I love to play for people that are open for my kind of simple, alternative music with original lyrics.

Booking: or phone +45 26 25 20 10


Here you can listen to some of my demo live recordings.

The Diet Song

A 100 % homemade song about why you should not go on a diet!


The Meaning of Leif

A 100 % homemade song. Leif is a Danish name… 🙂



An instrumental expression of the emotion of loneliness. 100 % homemade.


Don’t Fix It

A 100 % homemade song.


Couples Therapy

A 100 % homemade song about divorce as the best kind of couples therapy.


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