Burnfarm :: Homemade music that makes you think

Burnfarm is my artist name as a singer/songwriter.

Burnfarm is my last name (Brændgaard) translated directly to English.

I took up the guitar as a peaceful political weapon in the summer of 2017. Before then I could not play a single chord. After a few months of basic guitar training new songs started to flow out of my hands, heart and head. So I started to write them down, record them at home and make them available for free here on my website.

It’s just me and an acoustic guitar. My current repertoire includes 20 homemade songs and 11 cover songs, which can make up a total set list concert duration of 2 hours live of music non-stop.

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Booking: mail@perbraendgaard.dk or phone +45 26 25 20 10

I am still a beginner so you can book me to come and play for free just so I can get the practice. You can also gather some friends to come to me and listen to my songs and think about the lyrics…

Per Brændgaard aka Burnfarm music live

Burnfarm songs for free

Here you can stream and listen to some homemade demo recordings of my songs for free. They sound better live…

The Diet Song:


Don’t Fix It:


The Meaning of Leif:








Birthday Complete:


Good Fun:

This Night With You:


My Orgasm Queen:


Oh See Dear:


Do You Dare?


The Art of Falling Out of Love:


Warm (instrumental):


Couples Therapy:


Loneliness (instrumental):




Read and sing along.

The Meaning of Leif

Don’t Fix It

The Diet Song

Good Fun

Birthday Complete

My Orgasm Queen


Do You Dare?



This Night With You

Oh See Dear

Breathe In Slow

The Narcissist Prayer

Nothing Wrong

Roll On

Weaponized Sex

Sometimes I Wish I Was Gay

Couples Therapy




Here you can listen to homemade demo recordings of some coversongs:

No More (Eddie Vedder):


Please Come Home (The Cure):


I also play Going Nowhere (The Cure), Waiting (The Cure), Strangelove (Depeche Mode), But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode), Hurt (Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails), Ship of Fools (Erasure), Fall Apart (Death in June), Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman) og Mad World (Gary Jules).

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