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Penis care: Three ways to a fit penis

Penis care is an overlooked and taboo subject within holistic health, so it is worth getting to light. Here are three of the extra things (besides water and soap) I do to care for my penis.

Penis care 1: The penis holder ‘Manhood’

For a number of years, I have used the Manhood, penis head protector which I buy from a company in Canada. As far as I am aware, the product can not be bought in Denmark, although I have often considered starting an import of this brilliant product. Just like a woman use a bra to protect their breasts when walking around I use the penis holder in the form of the so-called Manhood.

A penis holder is a kind of purse in a soft and nice material with velcro closure and a cord that prevents it from slipping out of the underpants. The penis holder is placed around the head of the penis and protects the penile head from friction during physical activity. It is relevant to men who are circumcised or who are naturally equipped with too little foreskin in relation to the size of the penis.

My mother claims that I have not been circumcised, so it must just be nature that has made me this way. The penis holder simply replaces the foreskin so that the head of the penis is protected.

Result: Far greater sensitivity in the penis head and thus greater sensibility and enjoyment of sex.

I highly recommend this product!

Penis care 2: Avodaco oil + Tea Tree Oil

I lubricate my penis every day with a mixture of avacado oil and tea tree oil. I also use the same blend in my face. First my face, then my penis. I lubricate both the penis and the balls with this rejuvenating mixture.

The combination of the two oils keeps the penis fresh, young and clean. Avocado oil provides lipids and Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial, cleansing and healing effects. If you use your penis a lot, it is extra important with Tea Tree Oil to counteract abrasion.

NOTE: Tea Tree Oil must always be diluted. I use about 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil per. 2 tsp. avodaco oil, which I mix in my hand before application.

I always choose cold-pressed, organic avocado oil, which I buy at my local health food store. Tea Tree Oil I buy from a local drug stor.

Keep in mind that Tea Tree Oil has a distinctive, fresh fragrance, which evaporates after a few minutes. It helps to wait to wear underpants after using it, so that the essential oils can evaporate into the air. Penis also likes to be aired in the open air.

Penis care 3: Penis training

When I reached the age of 40 my penis was getting a bit tired and I started having problems with keeping the erection. So I decided to do something about it and found out about Kegel exercises for men. It is simply exercises for the penis muscles. Just like you train your biceps to get big and strong you can also train your penis. I have now done penis training for over 6 years and the effects are incredible. Now I train my penis for 20 minutes three times per week.

Many penis training programs recommend doing Kegel exercises 3 times per day but that is way too much in my experience. The penis muscles are just muscles that need to recuperate for the exercise to take effect. In the beginning however it is okay to do the exercises more frequently to train the neural connections between your brain and your penis.

Another tip: Remember to releax the penis muscles completely between contractions to avoid developing chronic tensions in the penis. The key is to balance contraction and relaxation.

Peer Brændgaard

Af Peer Brændgaard

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