How To Win The Corona War

Just like the so-called war on terror was not really a war on terror but a war with terror, the current war is not a war on corona but a war with corona – or more specifically a war with the perception of corona and not the actual virus in itself.

Just like the fear for terror was used to promote the police state – for our own protection – the current fear for covid is used to promote the fascistist police state even further – for our own health and biosecurity of course…

Widespread public fear is the most powerful tool for any government that wants to promote politics that are against the interests of the people and which actually only benefit the power horny elite. When people are afraid many of them stop thinking rationally and just follow orders from the authorities to reduce the overwhelming fear.

The war with terror started on the 11th of September 2001. Due to the global trauma following the live transmitted terror attacks on the USA on 9/11 there was no need for investigation, evidence and trial. People were so afraid that they were ready to bomb anyone that the politicans claimed did it.

It is the same now. People are so afraid for covid-19 because of all the one-sided media coverage (propaganda) that there is no mental room to question the narrative and no demand for a real investigation into the virus, the disease, the test, the vaccines, the lockdowns, etc. Fear is the universal way to promote irrational politics that imprison the people willingly.

In both the war on (or with) terror and the war on (or with) corona the enemy is invisible. No one you know has really seen the claimed terrorists and no one you know has really seen the new coronavirus. So the field is clear to claim that the enemy – be it terrorists or coronas – is anywhere and thus justify extreme measures without sufficient evidence. All they need is talking heads that look serious on the tv screen.

The war on terror and the war on corona are global deceptions that are only possible because of the enemys deep knowledge of the social psychology of trauma, fear and media facilitated group thinking. Both wars are wars on our minds in order to increase the power to the elite and decrease the power to the people. But the enemy can only win as long as the people remain dumbed down. When the people rises and use their intellectual and spiritual powers in non-violent ways the power elite and their henchmen really have no weapons to fight back.

Be patient and keep fighting the peaceful war of the minds. In the end truth, justice and freedom will prevail.

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