Natural Corona Vaccine No. 8: Face Your Fears – And Choose Freedom

You have now reached the final step in the Natural Corona Vaccine program. Unlike the previous seven steps, this final step is a purely psychological step. It is about facing your fears – and choosing freedom.

The situation with the corona virus is being exploited by some powerful agents to increase coercion and surveillance and also to reduce freedom and self-determination. That part is not about public health but is solely about somebody who wants to usurp as much power as possible. In reality, it is political abuse of a perceived threat to our health.

Whatever the truth might be concerning how infectious and dangerous the novel corona virus and its current mutations are, this virus is not the only cause of disease in the world. The risk of illness is an unavoidable part of life. Regardless of how many natural or unnatural vaccines you take for all manner of viruses, it is impossible to be 100% guaranteed of escaping disease.

If the authorities abuse their power to force you to do something, endure something or avoid something in relation to your body and freedom, it is always sound to ask yourself this question: Is this about health or power? For instance, it can be harmful to your health to inhibit your breathing by covering your nose and mouth with a mask. It can also be detrimental to your health and immune system to use too much hand sanitizer, as it disrupts the healthy flora in your intestines as well as compromising the skin on your hands. It is equally not healthy for social people to keep a distance or communicate with each other with out being able to see a smile behind the mask. The politicians can rightly be suspected of abusing the fear of corona to create a much more powerful state and in that process, they compel unhealthy behavior.

The path to freedom is through the fear. The fear of becoming ill. The fear of being shamed and shunned. The fear of inadvertently infecting others. The fear of standing up and standing firm for your beliefs, even though it is different than the ones being spread out to the population via mass media.

Whether you become infected with corona or not, the potential for suffering is an unavoidable part of human existence. If you swallow the bait of false security, then your life and society could end up becoming an absurd prison of health. Real insecurity is much healthier than a false sense of security. Accept the fear. Learn to live with it. Let it spend itself and notice how the fear abates when you just leave it be and follow your core values concerning love, freedom and justice – even though you feel afraid.

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