Six-pack or gut-pack: be happy with your stomach

As long as it’s not too much it may actually be a good thing to have a gut-pack instead of a six-pack.

Studies have shown that people with moderate overweight have a better chance of surviving some diseases.

When you become sick you loose your appetite because the body has to focus all its energy on fighting the infection or whatever disease has brought you down to bed. You have probably experienced this when you get the flu. You don’t exactly feel like eating.

That is when it becomes very helpful to have an extra energy storage already available within your body. And the fat depot on the stomach is the one that is easiest for the body to use.

Remember this and be happy with your stomach.

If you see someone with a six-pack on the beach you may want to direct compassion towards him and pray that he doesn’t get sick. And give him an ice cream before it’s too late.

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